Hi, I'm Emily



I was born just north of Moore county in the small town of Sanford, NC and have lived the majority of my life in North Carolina. 


Hey there! My name is Emily Stack and I am running for Village of Pinehurst Council. I am a North Carolina native, born and raised. I became active in the community through politics in college. After graduation from UNCG I moved to DC to work for political nonprofit FreedomWorks. In the nonprofit sector I went on to become the National Director of Grassroots, helping to organize constituents across the nation to help them lobby their congressional offices for issues focusing on lower taxes, less government, and more freedom. Through this I was able to help push my biggest belief that government belongs at the local level with the people. I am the founder and current chair of the Sandhills Young Republicans who continue to grow and be active in their local political community. I am a homeowner in the beautiful Village Acres Community so I have a vested interest in the growth and preservation in our community.


Preserve Pinehurst for Tomorrow

Government begins and ends local.

Get involved where it counts. Right at Home.

 We have a civic duty to be involved in our local government. If we chose not to become involved someone else will pave the path for tomorrow in a direction we may not want to go in. Pinehurst is rich in history and community. We need to make sure it continues to grow with that in mind so it will be there tomorrow for our families and their families.